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Men's Suit Separates

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Who Is A Candidate for Men's Suit Separates?

Everyone! However, men's suit separates are specifically designed for the man who has difficulty purchasing a suit off-of-the-rack for a variety of reasons. Men's Suit separates are a great option because it allows a man mix and match coat and trouser sizes. For example, a man who wears a 48 regular coat yet needs a 38 regular rise trouser. While this man will have considerable trouble purchasing a suit off-of-the-rack, suit separates offer a cost effective alternative to a custom-made suit.

Different Specialties - the "specialty" really refers to whether the suit is a regular, long, short, or extra-long. With suits that are sold "nested" (coat and trouser together), the trouser specialty and coat specialty are the same. For example, a long suit will come with long rise trousers. Often in our store, we will have a client come in seeking to purchase a suit where he needs a long in a suit coat, but a regular rise trouser. Since the coat and trousers are sold separately, you can choose the specialty that best fits you.

Considerable Difference Between Coat Size & Trouser Size - If the difference between the chest size and waist size is equal to or greater than 8 inches, suit separates are a good option.

You Choose The Trouser Model - Plain front vs Pleated Trousers. The vast majority of the suits sold off-of-the-rack come with pleated trousers. With suit separates you may be able to choose between plain front or pleated trousers. Most of the suit separates we offer on-line are available in both plain front and pleated models.

No Alterations Are The Best Alterations

When it comes to altering a suit to fit a man, the least amount of alterations is the best. While some stores will offer to "cut down" the suit trouser, we do not believe this is the best option. We would rather fit you in the size you need as opposed to making a new trouser out of one that is too big.  This is what makes men's suit separates a great option for the hard to fit man.

Still Have Questions?

Ask Rob! If you didn't find the information you are searching for on this web page, give me a call TOLL FREE 1-877-42-MENSWear (1-877-426-3679) during normal business hours. I am the owner, and I will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about men's suit separates. Or if you prefer, send me an email and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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